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Littérature et cinéma

I.Le vocabulaire

Littérature et cinéma

Les livres

  • literature : la littérature
  • an author : un auteur ; a writer : un écrivain
  • a reader : un lecteur/ une lectrice
  • a masterpiece : un chef-d’œuvre
  • the characters : les personnages
  • the story : l’histoire.

Ex. : The story takes place in Victorian England. L’histoire se déroule en Angleterre à l’époque victorienne.

  • the plot : l’intrigue.

Ex. : The plot of this detective story is much too complicated. L’intrigue de ce roman policier est bien trop compliquée.

  • a literary genre : un genre littéraire
  • a novel : un

Ex. : Charles Dickens wrote several novels, such as Oliver Twist. Charles Dickens a écrit plusieurs romans, tels que Oliver Twist.

  • a short story : une nouvelle.

Ex. : He published a collection of short stories. Il publia un recueil de nouvelles.

  • a detective story : un roman policier
  • a thriller : un roman à suspens
  • a fairy tale : un conte de fées
  • poetry : la poésie ; a poem : un poème
  • Le théâtre
  • drama : le théâtre (le genre).

Ex. : I’m going to join a drama club. Je vais m’inscrire dans un club de théâtre.

  • a play : une pièce ; a comedy : une comédie ; a tragedy : une tragédie
  • a playw right : un dramaturge.

Ex. : Shakespeare may be the greatest playwright ever. Shakespeare est peut-être le plus grand dramaturge de tous les temps.

  • to perform a play : jouer une pièce de théâtre ; a performance : une représentation
  • a theatre : un théâtre (le lieu).

Ex. : Shakespeare’s plays were performed in a theatre called “The Globe”. Les pièces de Shakespeare étaient jouées dans un théâtre appelé« Le Globe ».

Le cinéma

  • cinema : le cinéma ; a movie/ a film : un film
  • to go to the movies : aller au cinéma
  • a silent film : un film muet ; a talkie : un film parlant
  • a blockbuster : une superproduction
  • a low budget movie : un film à petit budget
  • a lousy film : un navet
  • a moviegoer : un cinéphile
  • the screenplay : le scénario
  • the cast : la distribution des rôles
  • the lead role : le rôle

Ex. : Julia Roberts is the lead role in that film. Julia Roberts a le rôle principal dans ce film.

  • to star in a film : jouer dans un film

Ex. : Starring Jack Nicholson as.Avec Jack Nicholson dans le rôle de.

Ex. : That movie was shot in the 1960s : Ce film a été tourné dans les années 1960.

  • the soundtrack : la bande sonore
  • special effects:les effets spéciaux
  • to release a film : sortir dans les

Ex. : His new film will be released on January 26th. Son nouveau film sortira dans les salles le 26 janvier.

  • to rent a video : louer une vidéo
II.Les questions d'expression types

Good books versus good films and videos. What is your choice and why?

  • Between good books and good films, I’m not quite sure which to
  • I think I would rather read a good book than watch a good
  • Reading provides me with a pleasure that I don’t have with movies: I can imagine the setting, the faces of the characters, their clothes, and thus create my own film in my head.
  • I really enjoy the quietness and the peacefulness provided by
  • Reading is a very personal experience whereas watching a movie is more something I enjoy sharing with my family or my
  • Reading gives me the possibility to put my book down for a while and think over what I’ve just read.
  • Contrary to movies, books offer me the opportunity to go a few pages back if necessary and to reflect on what I’m
  • Still, I must admit that I sometimes prefer watching a good film, when I want to be easily
  • Still, I must admit that I sometimes prefer watching a good film, when I want to be easily
  • I’d rather watch an action scene on television than read it in a book, simply because reading takes time while images are more straightforward!
  • To conclude/ As a conclusion, I shall say that there is no clear-cut choice between good books and good
  • It depends on my mood and what I’m looking

What kind of books do you prefer and why?

  • I’m very much into science-fiction/ I’m keen on science-fiction, therefore my favourite books are science-fiction books!
  • I really enjoy reading about a faraway
  • I guess that, because it’s a whole other world, it helps me forget my daily
  • I personally prefer detective stories, and once I have started reading one I can’t put it down before I’ve discovered who the murderer is and how he committed the
  • I’m particularly fond of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, my favourite detectives!
  • I quite like reading poems because they often deal with feelings (of love, fear, ..) in a style that appeals to my sensibility.
  • I have always liked novels, especially those set in Victorian England, such as Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre and the likes. Those novels have an atmosphere of wilderness and passion that I

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